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Re: Ordering a bokken/jo

Craig, $200 for a bokken for an Aikido white belt....I would agree is excessive. But let me give you a little background.

I've had the martial arts in my life since around 12..with Chito Ryu Karate, then Graice Jiujitsu, then Judo (started to dab a little in Aikido here), then back to Brazilian Jiujitsu and Mauy Thai under Jorge Gurgel and Rich Franklin(UFC Fighter).

So now being 30..and after some minor injuries and career changes I find myself coming full circle back to a traditional MA. During this whole time I have studied Buddhism and continued to study budo.

So for me...even if I only did Aikido for a few months and needed to get back to rough stuff...I would have a cherished Bokken that I hope that I can pass along to my son.

Anyways...probably to much information, I guess I'm trying to justify the price a little. I'm really excited to have this especially after the encouraging comments made about Kingfisher.

Take care,
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