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Marshall Sandoz
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Re: Ordering a bokken/jo


Congrats on the new bokken from Kingfisher. I'm quite sure that you'll be very happy with it as I've read nothing but good things about Kingfisher. The truth be told, I drooled over their Iwama style bokken but opted for Japanese white oak aikido bokken from E-bogu instead. I figured I'd save some bucks now and wait till I attain shodan before making that kind of investment. I'm very happy with the bokken from E-bogu and will probably keep training with it for many years providing it lasts that long. It has far exceeded my expectations as far as quality and appearance, the balance is quite good and the grain on mine is very tight. If I had bought the Kingfisher Iwama, I might be tempted not to use it for fear of damaging it. I know that IF the one I bought from E-bogu EVER becomes damaged, I can get another one like it for $45 plus shipping. Kinda makes me sleep better at night knowing that.
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