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Re: Just maybe I figured something out?

George S. Ledyard wrote:
When that happens it's very much like the descriptions you read of kensho experiences in Zen. You look at it and you go "Wow; it was there all along. It was so simple, why couldn't I get it?."
Yes! I can't claim any big insights, but even the little ones are like that.

A couple of months ago I was being held by a much senior student, challenged to move despite his grip. Something distracted me momentarily and I just moved without thinking much about it, and he suddenly wasn't able to hold me. He demanded to know what I'd just done, and all I could say was "I did what you've been telling me to do for the last six months: I didn't worry about the fact that you were holding me. That's it. Only I just realized that for six months I've been *pretending* not to worry about it, and that doesn't work."

Great article, Dave. Thanks very much for posting it.

Mary Kaye
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