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Re: aikido and competition

paul watt wrote:
....If I recall correctly, you're bigger than Genki and smaller than Jones JR. Why not an agressive middleweight ("Charuto", Hughes, Lawler, Tiki, etc..)?



well,I hover about 185 -190 ,genki the last time i saw him in person,might have been 175 -180 ,but it's more a question of styles to be conducive to exhibit i'm sure if i fought dan ''the beast'' he would do every thing in his power to shoot very low ankle picks to drag the fight to the ground ,crowd the fence ,and grab the fence just to pull a win .not caring to show something worth noticing,but to pull the win.roy jones is an artist.sudo genki is an artist.they are people i think are always going to be interesting ,of course the same is true of lee murray.but i also think i would make bob sapp look like the perfect uke,because he is fertile for aiki waza.just dont use fighters who fight negetively(zzzz)boring.
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