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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Great Pics of Hiroshi Kato, 8th Dan

Thanks Jerry,
The program is going great. We started off with 38 students for the first 8 week session. We had 52 the second session. We have just begun our third 8 week session and we have 40 students signed up so far. They tend to come and go but we have developed a core group of about 25 or 30 that will stay with us while we grow. That of course is a total of both kids and adults. The YMCA is happy I'm sure because they all pay the same price. I like that as well because I want the program to be strong so that the YMCA will be rewarded for making the good decision to let Aikido be done in their facility vs something else that may have more mainstream popularity.
We have a really fine group of people practicing and I am glad to be associated with them. We are coming together as a group with a self identity of our own and they are really committing to learn this art. I always learn from them as I teach the class.
Keep checking on the website. I plan to have some photos up within a month of our practices on our site.
Hope things are going well for you guys in the Woodlands. If you are ever in town, give me a call and we'll go have some Japanese food-I'll treat.
Best wishes,

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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