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Re: Relationships on the mat. A good thing?

From experience....
1- Avoid having higher expectations of your partner than you do of others. Sounds odd, but it`s a real hazard.

2- Let them ask you for clarifications and details; don`t try and teach them everything at once (this is of course true for any fellow students when you are their senior, but even more so as a couple)

3- Ask yourself: am I acting the same towards others as I am towards her/him on the mat? Obviously not 100%, but the closer the better.

And above all, make sure they are having fun, whether they ever practice with you or not.

My wife and I are still...well....married, and we have been training together for over 2 years, so it can work. Everyone is different, though.

Does she know about this site? Maybe send her the link to this thread, and let her see for herself.

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