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Chris Birke
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Re: aikido and competition

What sort of technique do you use to enter in on someone who is simply on guard and not moving towards you?

I know Aikido involves punching and kicking in training, but I've never seen it sparred and called Aikido. (This being a fault of those who define and restrict what Aikido is.) Do Aikidoka spar with intent to clock each other first, rather than be the one who enters in on or blends with the energy of the other? I only ever see the second. You are right about grappling range being a little late for aikido, but I'm a bit stuck on what would bring two Aikidoka against each other. I could see one person attacking an Aikidoist, who then responds, but is the person initating doing "Aikido" as most know it? Then again, I have not trained Shodokan. I'm no expert at all in any of this, just exploring the possibilities. Tell me more about this toshu randori.

Tanto sparring, as I have seen it in videos, seems like a very good thing. After I posted I realized I had totally neglected to mention it, as it's some of the best "Alive" training I've seen in the art. I should have mentioned I was restricting my thoughts to hand to hand just for simplicitie's sake.

As for the threads coming back from the dead... maybe it's time to invest in some holy water and a chainsaw?
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