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ian wrote:
Given that 70/80/90% (pick a number) of 'realistic' aikido are atemi, why is training not 70/80/90% atemi based in aikido?

Is it because atemis are easier to learn than the core aikido techniques? It seems all very well saying that a real situation is different from the dojo, but do we practice striking enough; such that it supports our aikido effectively (personally I don't think I do). Any views? Are we conditioning ourselves not to strike, and if this is so, is this a good thing?

Ki Society style and some other styles do not practice any atemi (strikes) at all. I have been told that is done because students focus too much on atemi and stop doing the technique.

Because the softer styles concentrate more on leading, atemi (either kicks or punches) tends to break-up the lead of a technique.

A quick kokyunage (timing throw) can be done so quickly and effectively, using an atemi would just get in the way. BTY I've noticed some people who emphasize atemi, usually do have trouble leading/blending in their technique.

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