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Re: aikido and competition

Chris Birke wrote:
What WOULD an NHB Aikido romp look like? Aikido initiates no offensive techniques!
Of course it does.
So, let's start the match with both contestants gripping the gi. I'd imagine there'd be an initial scuffle to get a lock, maybe a throw attempt (unsuccessful) countered with some close striking, and then they would undoubtedly separate. This brings us back to the initial problem.
Well then it would be Judo. Aikido is really done before the initial grip. NHB of course doesn't involve only one form of fighting.
Any match would have to be Aikido versus, or Aikido would have to be augmented with some assault techniques.
Well that is why in Shodokan randori we use the tanto. Of course we also have toshu randori (both unarmed) that can work pretty good.
Aikido in MMA - if i were successful, it would already be there. There is a large difference between what works on the average joe, and what works against a skilled opponent. It is much easier to defend many techniques than execute them.
The big lesson learnt in Shodokan randori. These beutiful techniques are damm difficult to pull off against someone who knows as much as you do.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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