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Chris Birke
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Re: aikido and competition

What WOULD an NHB Aikido romp look like? Aikido initiates no offensive techniques!

So, let's start the match with both contestants gripping the gi. I'd imagine there'd be an initial scuffle to get a lock, maybe a throw attempt (unsuccessful) countered with some close striking, and then they would undoubtedly separate. This brings us back to the initial problem.

Any match would have to be Aikido versus, or Aikido would have to be augmented with some assault techniques.


Aikido in MMA - if i were successful, it would already be there. There is a large difference between what works on the average joe, and what works against a skilled opponent. It is much easier to defend many techniques than execute them.

I knew someone who was a big proponent of stomping out the knee. They claimed it could quickly end any fight.

In NHB, there is no rule preventing you from going out there, stomping some knee, and collecting your paycheck. The reason you don't see it is that it's too easy to defend. Stomping the knee relies on the ignorant posture of an opponent - if they know how to stand correctly with respect to their opponent (or even just happen to be standing that way) it won't work.

That said, I do know of incidents where people have stomped knees "on the street." Most people you meet won't be trained.


I was thinking, what are the features of barred holds (strikes ignored) that make them too dangerous?

Maybe if we examine commonality among them there can be some insight.


Are you training to fight in a cage, training for self defense off the mat, or training for spiritual enlightenment? These goals are not mutually exclusive, however most would argue you can very legitimately abandon some in the pursuit of others.

You don't need to fight in a cage to be good on the streets. You don't need to train self defense to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Or do you?


"aikido teaches you to respect others..." (this is a "20 year" technique)


Will I ever get tired of threads debating competition? No... I don't think so...
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