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Re: Which Dogi?

paul watt wrote:
Howard Combat Kimono (HCK) pants are double thick from mid-thigh to ankle. They may also be purchased separately.


Alright, stupid question here: what's the deal with those HCK/Howard Combat patches? Are they permanent and sewn right into the gi itself? Or, are they removable?

There have been two HCK gi's on eBay recently, and the photos for both showed the gi's had those bold patches on them. (I sent the seller an email about the patches question, but I've not heard back from him)

Do you happen to have the unbleached gi, or the white one? The link for the gi pant (separates), which does state that they have doubled knees, offers only white or blue? Do you happen to know if their unbleached gi pants have doubled knees?

Thanks for your time,
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