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That's great news, Peter.

I am leaving for three months intensive training at the Hombu also. I set off at the end of July, so hopefully I will see you there.

It is the first time for me at the Hombu, but I have met Shihan before on several occasions, so I know what to look forward to. Also my instructor is a student of shihan so hopefully I will be able to fit in without causing any problems. Any advice on this front?

At the moment I am training all I can to be ready - my feet are in absolute tatters.
Hopefully when I get to Japan I will also be able to join in with some of the university students training for randori - apparently they are the ones to keep up with?

I am also terrible with names, but if you were in Brisbane for the last worlds I probably will recognise you from then.

Anyway, good luck with the training - I look forward to seeing you in the summer!
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