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Re: My Sensei can beat up your Sensei

What happens when your top student challenges you? :P

I'm not sure, but I have a nagging thought at the back of my mind which I would like to ask the forum. I kinda feel that this thread would serve as well... since its really a case of different paths of senseis. The question is, as a Sensei... what is your aim and how do you go about doing it?

Some would observe that martial artistes are people who specialises in martial arts. They may have other labours that sustains their lives like farming, but the core of their lives is spent practising, living and improving their art. What about our modern day senseis? Those that practice at night before supper after a days work? Well actually they teach then... I don't really know when they actually practice... Are they construed as martial artistes?

I just want to hear from you guys what you think of the responsibility a sensei must have to himself, his students and his art.

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