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Thanks Sam;

Unless everything falls through I will spend three months this summer at Honbu. It's been two years since I left Japan so besides the Virginia seminar and a could of get togeathers my only training is with the small club I started. They are all fit, young, tough and eager to learn but it is only now that I am getting a feeling of real personal training with them. I need to go back to the source and be shoved around by my betters.

Osaka will be big. I am obligated to try and make that also. This is the 100th aniverseary of Tomiki's birth for those that don't know and to the Japanese it is very very important. I guarantee it will be difficult to learn much but it wont be boring. It is a perfect way to introduce yourself to Japan - low season and the weather is still nice. Take a few extra days. Have you ever been to Japan? I am a fool with last names - you are not the Sam I know?

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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