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Jordan Steele
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Re: New kids class

Kids classes are a lot of fun. My best comment would be to have fun yourself. In terms of etiquette, kids usually don't take "Aikido" on their own... a parent usually puts them there, so my advice, keep it simple, keep the attitude casual. Bow when entering/leaving the dojo, when stepping on/off the mats, and the usual bow to kamiza, bow to sensei, bow to fellow students as appropriate. Kids want to do something dynamic, so make evrything dynamic. Do what you normally do and add some spice to it. Kids have an amazing ability to learn with there eyes. Do five to six techiniques per class. Show each technique a few times and let them fly at it. If you do too much explaining they get bored quickly...really quickly. I'm not a big fan of games, even with kids, because it takes the martial part away. As long as you smile, encourage, and help, they are very co-operative and work pretty hard. Have fun.
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