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Re: Beginner Teacher "Survey"

Robert Sims wrote:
Just my opinion but...

A good teacher at any level must be able to demonstrate the waza. I think that a verbal explanation is not required, but good verbal ques are a must.

"If one is directly taught by his master, it is said he will not become better than his master. It is better to just watch!" A quote by Naotaro Nagao, a Ukiyoe Artisan, regarded as the best woodblock master in Japan.

My Sensei tells me I am good at teaching Aikido. As I live in Japan, I tend to rely on demonstrating rather than explaining.

Just my opinion...
I couldn't agree more.
My first sensei doesn't speak English so well, so he doesn't use a lot of words. "Maybe feeling weight underside". :-D
He doesn't see it as a problem though: he trained under Shioda sensei and said that Shioda sensei spoke even less, even though language was no barrier.
None of us ever saw it as a problem either. He always demonstrated waza very clearly and broke things down very well.
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