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Re: I need advice (opinions)


As someone who also trains within Jiyushinkai but who had originally come from an Aikikai background, let me give you a couple of suggestions.
1. Talk to your teacher (Jim Hanna?) or Chuck Clark Sensei about what you plan on doing. Good communication about your reasons and intent never hurt anyone; besides, that is one of the reasons we have teachers.
2. Expect differences between styles. The Jiyushinkai has a very specific teaching style and learning curriculum. The methods of instruction, technical names, and motivations to learn may be different and that may cause confusion or even friction if you are trying to learn something new.
3. Know the difference between training and practice. If you need practice (which it sounds like), then get to some of the clinics (Shochugeiko starts tomorrow in Tempe!) or train with people who have agreed to give you some of their time to improve your repetoire.
Training is different, and may cause conflict between styles. I went back to see my old Aikikai teacher last summer and arrived right in the middle of a clinic (I didn't know any better). They took issue with all sorts of stuff, from the way I attacked to the way I took ukemi, and generally earned a lot of enmity between myself and some of the new hotshots that took my place when I left to move to Arizona.
Hope this helps and hope to see you at the Jiyushinkan someday.

Jim Vance
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