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I need advice (opinions)

I have been training within the Jiyushinkai organization for a few years now(sankyu). Our classes are three times a week for 11/2 hours each. I;hungry of knowledge attempt to get my fellow kohai to arrive early for extra practice, which rarely happens. Please understand I am not in a race to shodan, the early practice does not count towards time in grade, my only goal is to become a better aikidoka. Our class is very small it consists of 5 students generally no more than 3 at a class not counting sensei and the other ranking instructors. I have thought about supplementing my training at the Aikikai dojo in town. I have a few concerns with this: 1) would doing this cause conflicts in training i.e. attempting to learn multiple different techniques/theologies. 2) I'm not made of money! thats two monthly dues I'll have to explain to my wife. 3) Would this be truly productive or more counterproductive. I am a firm believer in repetition followed by more repetition. Or how can I convince my fellow students or even sensei to start earlier?

Thanks for the help :

Brian. :
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