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Re: Steven Seagal

Hey guys, good points, Lan I agree with you on the Seagal persona, and his drawing power due to Aikido skill,his past mystery,or whatever it is that gives him that star quality. I can only speak for myself and if i have been blunt or harsh toward the naive then they deserve to be at least educated(fantasy and reality get blurred when the discussion is martial arts in the cinema), and i have no problem taking advice, yet i will give it also. I have been a cop for 8 quick years and have been in alot and seen alot, hell, any cop'll understand this, and the one thing i know how to get to is the reality of the situation, and cut thru the crap to do it rapidly. I am also sensitive and understanding and many times people have mistaken kindness as weakness. That somehow is my drawing power and at times i just lay it down as i see it. Im not sorry if i have offended anyone. I like seagal movies , and PBT also. I am saying essentially this; we all like seagal and he has brought alot to the art. We all like aikido and/or have an interest in it too. Lets face it,in american aikido dojos new students eventually bring up his name and the discussion starts yet again. I think its great, just educate these interested parties of the reality of movies and the reality of real life if need be. Some people just don't see a difference. Take care. Daniel.
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