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Re: My Sensei can beat up your Sensei

I am sure i have incountered this. I usually start every new person with this phrase, " there are a 1000 people that could walk through that door right now and kick my ass, and a million more that i wont let get close enough to hurt me, but that would not make them better than they were before they walked in. If they walk in the door and i do not antagonize them and they practice one class that might make them a better person, AND this is our goal. I don't have to be a better fighter than you, i just have to be better than I was yesterday, you just have to be better than you were yesterday." This usually dispells any agression, then they get to feel the techniques and often a strange look of shock will come at the discovery what the "Art" feels like and a quick, where do i sign up. But still, to the guys, that say" thats' crap, my jujitsu will kick you ass!", i hope they don't pick fight with an expert in........

Shotgun Fu...
Ha, well forgive me?
"Aikido seeks to contend with nothing, that is why it is victorious from the begining" now who said that?... oh yea!

well that's what i usually say, because to me it is more about wisdom than wise-ass.
just a view point from the Deep South.

in Aiki
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