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Re: My Sensei can beat up your Sensei

Hi Ari

I never thoought that stuff like that went on outside the film industry.

I took aikido up for the reason that it is defensive and not aggresive, I spent a lot of time in my early child hood being bullied and recieving a good kicking. I developed over the years into a recluse and a coward frightened of people because of this bullying. I started to come out of my shell and started looking for a martial art to better myself. I went to a few karate classes and found that I was stepping back into that bullying scene again the instructers were mean and aggresive, I did not want to be that way so I just kept my self to myself and hit the weights. I did not become a big huge guy my frame would not allow it but I became strong really strong then I was out one day and some guy decided to pick a fight with me he headbutted me and I went flying he came at me again but I was up on my feet and grabbed hold of the guy and managed to re-strain him. The conflict ended after the guy realised that he could not beat me and I had not even landed a puch. I felt good that I had not retaliated but acted in a way that did not use agression to beat agression. I then found aikido and I am now at a turning point in my life I have made friends developed confidence and the future looks promising.

I know I have gone of the track here but beating someone up in my eyes is bad and thinking about beating someone up is bad, as you mentioned there is allways going to be someone better, than you out there and if that bigger better person had the same attitude then society would just fall into chaos. We are developing an art and our conduct reflects our respect for that art. So going from dojo to dojo thinking that I am better that you is truely disrespectfull of the art and a little immature.

Domo Arigato Andrew

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