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No offence to anyone in this forum but i think you guys are all blinded and saturated with what you learn or read in training aikido..I currently train in Aikido and I love the art..However you guys think Aikido is going to happen like we train in the dojo..Just like the eager student who gets his bachelor's in buisness but has no experience,and has never worked is going to fit right in a buisness deal and work everthing out..I beleive STeven Seagal is doing 100% aikido in his movies,But not your aikido or your dojos aikido...Its his Aikido with his attitude and his way with words..I beleive a lot of you aikidoka out there are not fighters and probably never got into a fight and thats ok.But you got to understand Seagal is doing Aikido in his movies..Its along with his Italian attitude and his style..A lot of you people out there practice aikido to fill up a void in your life and have a better sense of well being.But you got to understand in order to apply in the streets or shall i say in reality you really got to get the aggressor mad at you and you got to bring the devil out of them so you could see their energy come out and use this against them..However everyone has their own style of stepping up the plate againt bunch of bullys,gangster of aggressors.And i honesty thing STeven Seagal shows his style of aikido in his movies..Some of you Aikidoka are living in spriritual fantasy out there and need to understand eveyone after learning basics should have their own attitude of how to apply the art and what works for them..Just like a basketball player learns basics of defending,blocking,shooting,dribbling.But in the very end he has acquired his own way of doing things to get around in the court because he has to work with what god has given him speed,height,will,jumping ablility..What im trying to say is Steven Seagal is the real deal and he shows it in his movies,Dont be so blinded by your void..Our dojo is our home our basketball court our class..But once out in the street you apply your aikido the way you can work with what you got..
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