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Re: Steven Seagal

Hi Michael, if I may; in the MOVIES the bad guys do attempt to HIT Seagal and in some scenes it even looks like he is being hit . As I ranted earlier up this post and desperately would like to reiterate; that is fantasy, that is stunt choreography, that is film making. It is an art as a martial art is an art, does this make sense? I can tell you this story to make my point; Ok,there is an atlanta area gym frequented by many big name Pro wwf wrestlers and the like(main event gym, marietta ga), and one day a young man ran in there and up to a Big name guy and told him that this other Big name guy was going to smash his head in because he saw it last night on TELEVISION. The naive young man thought that he was warning the other celebrity of impending disaster. The Big name guy that was advised of this told the young man the following; "Son that was acting, I am an actor and those threats were part of the theme of that particular segment that was taped for your viewing pleasure, that was fantasy=this is reality, understand?." And I only had one cup Lynn!!
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