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Re: Poll: Would initiating a technique as nage go against your own aikido philosophy?

Is Aikido in general compatible with self-defence laws? If you try and keep some street urchin at arms length and they keep trying to intrude into your personal circle for whatever reason and you make it clear to them that you dont want them that close, is a solid atemi still self-defence in the eyes of the law?

Sure to you it made perfect sense at that moment, when you moved as far as you could, warned as loudly as you could and the attacker still pushed on towards you, eventually forcing you towards other shady-types or a wall but the fact that the attacker neither drew a weapon nor tried to strike you at that point makes it very hard to argue who was right and who was wrong.

I have a horrible feeling that the only self-defence that you could successfully argue would be the reactive kind of self defence where someone already punched you or is in the process of punching you and you react, pro-active self defence which seems to be the highest ideal of some martial arts dont have a solid footing in the courtroom.

Although, in class I would happily initiate the technique, but closing ma-ai as opposed to keeping it is not 100% in-line with my strategy (as opposed to philosophy) but strategy should be fluid and adaptive so why not.
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