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Re: Poll: Would initiating a technique as nage go against your own aikido philosophy?

I studied briefly at a dojo that taught techniques initiated by nage. I don't have a philosophical problem with it. I think even in places where they aren't taught, students work out for themselves what the attacking potential of their techniques is (I know my classmates and I did).

The first time I ran into it, though, I saw nage jumping me and threw him reflexively. He pointed out with some annoyance that he was nage, not me...but I retain a bit of pride about this, because it's the only time I've ever thrown someone who I'm completely sure didn't intend to be thrown.

It seems to me that initiating a technique is not necessarily initiating combat, as others have said: but I'd go further and say that there are scenarios in which I'd have no qualms about initiating combat. If someone had hold of my child....

Mary Kaye
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