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Dario Rosati
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Re: Thinking of taking aikido!

Brian Meuser wrote:
Just curious but why would you choose a rougher style of aikido Dario?
Nice question

Actually I didn't choose a rougher style (my dojo is Aikikai, which I think is considered "neutral" for this aspect among the styles), I choosed a rougher sensei.

I think because I was attracted by the martial aspect of the art; and being a person "obsessed" by efficiency and effectiveness in many aspect of my life, I applied probably the same criteria in choosing my sensei... his aikido looked somewhat "more right" to me.
It was just pure instict... I choosed the most physical and direct of the senseis I watched.
He's pretty similar to sensei Tissier, just to make a name you can easily recognize and compare to.
Concepts like "ki" or "flowing" leave me completely indifferent right now (maybe one day I'll change my view... who knows where the training path may lead?).

I would like to be able to elaborate further the concept, but the fact that I'm still new to the art, and my lack in english don't allow me to, sorry... I'm still probably guided by instinct and personal taste and can't find the right words to tell why , will try to answer again when I'll be more mature in my aikido training


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