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Re: Thinking of taking aikido!

Brian Meuser wrote:
And, also I was just curious how well can aikido be done against multiple attackers?
Most schools practice defending against multiple attackers (usually called 'randori'). Some do so right away with beginning students, others save it for advanced levels. When I've seen high-level demonstrations of randori it has been very impressive. When I've tried it, that's hard. It's great training for keeping cool in a crisis. Even if you never plan to be in a fight, everyone gets into crises sooner or later.

My school requires randori against four attackers as part of the black belt test. I am really looking forward to seeing how one of my seniors, a little fifty-something guy who's not particularly strong or fast, handles this for his upcoming test. It's very much an intellectual challenge as well as a physical one.

I'm hoping that if I train hard, by the time he's ready for the test I might be good enough at falls and rolls to be one of the attackers, at least for practice sessions.

Mary Kaye
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