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Re: My Sensei can beat up your Sensei

Huh uh! You take that back! You're just a meanie and MY sensei can out aikido YOUR sensei any day of the WEEK!

/sarcasim off

You make a very good point, Ari. Fortunatly, I haven't had the displeasure of seeing a lot of the machismo of which you speak. Thank GOD!

About a year ago, Sensei Byrdsong of Austin, Texas, came through Midland on his tour of Texas... venturing out to see and spread Aikido throughout the state. He was yondan at the time and my sensei was sandan. At that time, I had heard a lot about politics in aikido and didn't like what I heard. I felt a bit threatened by an "outsider" coming in, but thankfully my sensei welcomed him with open arms. It was a great night of training and I saw and learned many things; most of all was that politics and differences in style should have no place on the mat and that TRAINING is above all.

Since that time, Sensei Riggs has been promoted to Yondan and Byrdsong Sensei has been promoted to Godan. Both of whom are very deserving and despite two different affilitations, both very respectful and even appreciative of the other.

Nope. I have never seen the poor idiot foolish enough to "challenge" my sensei... but I'd sure like to shake his hand. I might just be the last person that gets to do so!

Muahahahaahahahahahaaa!! (*evil laugh*)

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