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Re: Steven Seagal

Brian, Hi, have you ever rented a movie lately at your local blockbuster? Have you noticed that the photograph on the DVD or VHS cover usually shows a male weilding a pistol pointed upward and he is usually in a three-quarter turn pose and turning his neck so to look, leaner, cooler, more menacing? Have you considered the art of photgraphy and all it entails? Did you know there was this thing called show business ?And that these highly paid actors are making sooo much money so to live out the fantasies of the masses? Did you ever wonder if the camera crew just aimed their gear at Seagal and in a few hours that everyone towled off and went home no problem? Is it possible that in this land of make-believe that there are people called stunt choreographers, stand-ins, doubles, video manipulation for better final effect, editorial priviledge etc,etc,etc??? Did you think that the people that Seagal "beat" on his videos didn't go have a beer with the guy that evening and were maybe actually his friends? Did you know the difference between fantasy and reality? Did you consider any of the above? Ever ? Have i actually consumed way too much coffee man? Somebody help me!!
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