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Re: Need to get Mats

We use 18 mats, 3 rows of 6. We have almost 1300 sq feet, I think. We've had upwards of 40 people on the mat at one time, though that's unusual, and you have to be careful how you throw when it's that crowded.

We're in a shared room with other groups before and after us, so it's important to figure the time it takes to put them out each time if you have to. I have the 1 * 2 meter swain mats at home, but they would take too long to put out a bunch of them, I think....

And, as I mentioned before, we've found that you have to be careful putting them together so there aren't any gaps, so you have to take a little time to teach people to do it correctly, not just quickly.
Does that help any?


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