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Greg Jennings wrote:

Jim23, I need to understand better what you mean by "sparring". Most dojo that I've visited (10 or so) practice jiyuwaza and randori where the parts of nage and uke are fluid and frequently transpose. But there are no judges, no scoring and no winner or loser; just training. Also it's not "all out". The level of effort into applying the technique and resisting/reversing the technique is scaled to suit one's partner.

I'm not the best person to answer questions on Tomiki aikido.

The Tomiki "sparring" that I saw was very much like you mention, except that there was someone keeping "score". Not everyone's cup of tea, maybe, but not so bad either.

The "competition" that I saw was someone attacking (lunging) with a knife (trying to "score") and someone defedning (then switching roles). Probably no different than done in most dojos, except for the "points" awarded if you "scored" or defended well. It's still co-operative training in my view.

If someone gets upset by "losing" by a score of, say, 1-2 points, they have a problem that even aikido can't fix - just don't drive in front of them after leaving the dojo.


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