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Charles Bergman
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Re: Poll: Which would you rather have in an aikido beginners teacher?

I would prefer to have both if I were running the dojo, but if I was a beginner and had to choose, I pick someone with good technical ability. I have seen people over the years who's personality I did not particularly like, but who were very good at passing on technical information to students.

Plus, I think like many of these polls, it depends a lot on how you define terms. It seems a lot easier to define "good technique" than "good personality." Personality clashes are inevitable - even is someone does have a good personality.

What about someone who you think has a "slightly less than good" personality but better than average technical skill? What about a terrific personality and no skill?

Bottom line as a beginner is that if I couldn't have both in an instructor, I would choose skill.

p.s. I don't have to worry about this, my instructors are both.
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