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Re: Need to get Mats

Asim Hanif wrote:
I need to get 12-15 folding mats for a rec center program in Virginia. I think the standard mats are usually 4'x6'.
Mats! What kind of wimpy Aikido are you practicing??

We got a good deal on some tiffin mats a few years ago; I think they're 6' x 12'. We've been abusing them for about 4 years now, and they're still in good condition. However, they have stretched their shape a little here and there, and it takes some work to put them all together tightly. This can be very important, as gaps between the mats can easily result in sprained ankles and broken toes.

If you'll be taking the mats up after every practice, think about the storage space, and what will fit in there, too.

Are you training with Clyde Sensei regularly? If so, please say hello to one Jessica B at the dojo... can't miss her -- she's about 5' 4", with very red hair.


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