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Dario Rosati
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Re: Thinking of taking aikido!

Brian Meuser wrote:
Cool, thanks everyone for the info, I really appreciate it! Another question or two for you if you don't mind. I hear that aikido is based on sword fighting techniques, is this true?
Sure it is... many many tecniques originates from a situation where someone tries to block your arm/wrist before you can unsheath your sword
And many many others can be done in exactly the same way against unarmed or sword/knife/tanto/jo/bo wielding ukes.... only ma-hai (distance) and timing changes a bit.
Shomen/yokomen-uchi are clearly inspired to a sword chop done bare-handed.
And so on.

Also is it possible to apply my christian beliefs into aikido? I mean meditation as praying and reflecting on Christ's teachings. Jesus taught love and compassion, it just seems like the foundation is the same to me.
As agnostic, I truly cannot see any link between religion and Aikido, or any MA.
Like any other moment of your life, you are free (and must?) apply your religious belief... i seriusly doubt practicing a MA could conflict with your religion, or viceversa.... but since I'm a-religious, I'll elave this to your judgement.
Be kind and educate with other guys at the dojo, helping newbies ecc can be surely seen as the application of your christian beliefs, but many can argue that this is simply a general rule of being polite with other people... no need to invoke Jesus for doing that.
It's APPLYING martial arts that raises the subject, IMHO.... aikido as every martial arts can lead to devastating effects if applied in real situations, outiside the practice environment of the dojo.

On the "rougher" subject... I disagree wholeheartedly and would choose a rougher style/sensei at the start (and indeed, I choosed one)... but hey, de gustibus non est disputandum

Bye and have a nice stay int he Aikido community.

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