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Thinking of taking aikido!

Hello Everyone,
About a week ago my brother in law and me were talking about learning swordfighting. I did a search on google and kendo popped up. I just kept researching it when somehow it brought me to an aikido website. I started reading on aikido, and now I want to take it. I've never been in a MA before. The whole idea of aikido seems perfect for me, since I'm not a violent man. However I do have a few questions that you guys prolly get all the time. So here goes.
I am a christian, and was wondering if in Aikido you get a lot of religous teaching? I just didn't want to get into anything that goes against my beliefs. Just from reading these forums I hear a lot about the spiritual side of it. Can someone let me know the different kinds of Aikido please? I hear some are rougher then others, and I really don't want in one of those. I want to do aikido for the art of it, being I haven't been in a fight since Jr. High, and I'm 24 years old now. I don't get myself into situations where I would be fighting. And, also I was just curious how well can aikido be done against multiple attackers? Again the last question was just out of curiosity of the MA. Thanks for your help guys. These forums seem to be loaded with a lot of nice people. Catch you all later.
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