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Re: The Nage/Uke Dynamic - Guidelines

Sorry Dave but I have to disagree with you here although you of course have the right to do what you want.

Those of us who are free with information concerning who we are, who we trained with, where we are training/teaching are not engaging in cults of personality but just being clear. Frankly speaking, for those of us that do, more weight is applied to the opinions of those that do likewise.

I really haven't commented on your guidelines but I do tend to agree with several of the posters on Aikido Journal and here as to the overall wordiness to the point where it becomes an uncomfortable read. I appreciate the effort it took to put your own thoughts on this subject down on paper but it would probably have far more impact even within your group if it came across as less of a legal brief.

With regard to your Nage/Uke Dynamic my general feeling is that Aikido training should involve as few words as possible - either spoken or written. The feeling is gained on the mat with training. For that reason alone I wouldn't recommend it to my beginning students. My more advanced students would of course recognize differences between the way I do things and what you write but its understood that you were referring to your group.

Finally something like that may be considered counter-productive in its own right. On one hand you may have someone overly constrained by their interpretation of your rules. I know you were explicit about them being guidelines but to some that could just as well mean rules. On the other hand those most likely to cause offense will, even if they bother to read it, will dismiss it as only guidelines.

I prefer to nudge the group in the right direction. Done right it is very effective.

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