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Regarding fake kicks/feints...

The thing about feints to remember:

They work due to an expectation of your response to the feint. For instance, the low kick feint ending in a roundhouse to the head works due to the expectation that you will respond to the feint by dropping your guard or blocking low, opening yourself up for the high kick. If you confound the expectation, the feint simply becomes a weak attack. And a weak attack leaves the attacker open, right?

I used to fence epee, and you learn real fast that if you feint a lot, the other guy will simply ignore the feint and reach out and hit your wrist, since you don't _have_ to respond to the feint, as you do in foil. Same principle, no?

Also, if you enter into the attacker's dead zone in response to the feint, it's pretty hard for them to follow up with the real attack.

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