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Steve Speicher
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Triple sigh... and a half!

From an objective viewpoint, I would say that in general America (meaning the USA) tends to commercialize everything and anything it can. The higher goal (at least the one that is endorsed) is to make money, as much as possible, and as quick as possible, through whatever means. And it is okay to sacrifice morals, ethics, and beliefs to achieve this end.

However, many Americans, probably even MOST Americans, do not agree with this, and would rather dedicate their lives to other more noble pursuits.

I say the above to show I understand why you've developed your opinion, and that it does have a valid basis. However, to then go and make sweeping generalizations about every American is not only disrepectful, but shows a very underdeveloped spirit. Nationalism has no place in aikido, as O Sensei envisioned aikido as a way to unify humanity, not strengthen its boundaries and divisions.

So yes, I do take offense to your statements. However, I will try to keep an open mind, and treat you with the respect you've denied me, because I am an American..... oh well


Jappzz wrote:
Double sigh!

I'm just stating that i find it sad that budo is being distorted into something i belive it is not. And as for me condemning americans in any way that is just my personal oppinion and if anyone feels offended i'm sorry. I have yet to understand how americanizing budo would be positive to martial arts. I do not consider myself being intolerant but i have seen to many examples of american turning culture into something shallow.


Steve Speicher
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