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Re: What's your sensei teaching you?

I gave up coming to class to be taught probably 5 years ago. I decided that if I want to get better at this, I have to create this for myself. I take what the teacher says and see if I can make it my own. Many times, what works for them does not work for me. The teachers that I'm most compatible with do not teach a lot of specific mechanical things. I think it's more important to find the principles that tie all of the techniques together than it is to overdo it with too many thoughts. Listening to a really technical instruction tends to get me thinking all about what I'm doing to the other guy. The funny thing is that I seem to improve much more when I don't get drawn into the other guy and focus on my own mental and physical integrity while doing the movements. Saotome sensei says that the difference between Chineese martial arts and Japaneese martial arts is that the Chineese like to make very eloborate systems for fighting. It's amazing that one's body can even remember so many movements. Japaneese arts are based in simplicity. They strive to eliminate as many unnecessary movements as possible. When a teacher gets up and talks and talks and talks I start to feel more like they are teaching a very complicated Chineese system, when it's something that was intended to be a lot simpler. Rather than trying to fill my head up, it's more like my goal is to shave things off that aren't needed. I like to keep this in the back of my mind whenever I'm listening to an instruction.

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