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Re: First Bokken

Jeffrey Lynne wrote:
My sensei suggested I purchase a bokken for training. He did not mention a tsuba was necessary. Some bokken in class have them; some do not.

Could someone suggest:

(1) a good website to purchase bokken;
(2) what is considered "too much" to spend; and
(3) whether a tsuba is suggested.

We use bokkens from Tozando and they've held up very well for us with hard, contact practice.

The white oak bokken we use are on this web page:

The price is 4,500 yen which works out to about $40 US dollars (right now, anyway).

I've had one for more than four years now and it's in great shape. The key to long life for your bokken is to oil it periodically. I use boiled linseed oil (I don't boil it, that's what is says on the can).

My sensei and I broke a red oak bokken from Bugei in about 20 strokes of keisi giri practice. The last foot or so of of the bokken broke off and sailed to the far end of the dojo, luckily not hitting anyone between where we were and the far wall.


-Drew Ames
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