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Nick wrote:
So of course if Tomiki aikido itself gets too big, there will be problems as the tournaments turn into trophy fests, with a bunch of... well, jerks parading their kata and yelling nice and loud, to applause as they finish. Having attended many karate tournaments run by good budoka, you could find a lot of spirit and determination that is found only on the competition floor, however you also find a lot of ego and inflated heads
There will be inflated egos whether there is competition or not.

I know that there is sparring practice in Tomiki aikido, but is this really competition, as in tournaments? Or is it more like a competitive game to improve each person's skill?

But back to competition for a minute, is it really all that bad (and I don't mean the extreme levels that people will probably picture)? You can't get through the day without being exposed to some form of competition. In fact, some people even lose the will to live without it (retirement). And look at the competition even here in this forum.


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