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Re: uncooperative, overbearing....


I read George's post, nodded and moved on. Then I saw Erik's which definately caused me to focus on a select few parts of George's original post.

It is the role of the senior student in a pairing to define the appropriate level of resistance. In kata it usually is enough that tori has something to work with, can understand the mechanics, and most importantly understand where he is going wrong. Too little resistance is unsatsfying, too much is frustrating and ultimately unproductive. Usually uke is reasonably close so no problem but sometimes he is wrong either because of inexperience, a bad guess or (and I think this is what the post is all about) because they are an ass.

Now being a bit of an ass has its place too - we call it randori. However, in this case nage has a whole range of options and since the distinction between tori and uke disappears both can play the same game.

My point is simple - resistance even in kata training has its place.

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