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My "style" is aikikai. Period (seriously, that what we are told from Japan)

1) As my sensei told me when leaving Montreal to head for Atlanta "Go where you feel is best, where you will be comfortable". Wise, but foggy. What I have come to learn was no matter how open minded to other styles/instruction I thought I was, I really wanted something that resembled what I had learned over the past 3 years. Dojo/clubs have a personality, and you will gravitate towards the ones you like, and stay away from those you dont, just like another human-being. None are bad, some just dont "jive".

2) Aikido has become a set of tools to use in my daily life. Don't push, don't pull, don't tense, just go where you will. Be considerate (which we could all use more of), but be true to yourself without trampling on others. Strive for balance in all parts of your life (not just on the mat).

3)On average, everyone is welcoming; if they aren't, see #2!

4)Though not a sensei, our club is small and young. Our sensei is nidan, we have 2 ikkyu, 2 sankyu (I am one), a few yonkyus, gokyus, etc... I remember when there were 4 of us gokyus! As such, I have, on many occassions, been the one to welcome a newbie. I treat them all the same. Welcoming, a little bit of challenge sometimes, and a whole lot of patience.

5)Live. Seriously, I would love to learn and teach full time, so I could give back to aikido what it has given me.

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