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Tomiki-sensei was American? Wow, learn something new everyday... as for the subject... I can see that he is firm in his beliefs, and I actually do agree with the content (not the wording). When something gets bigger, arguments will occur as politics and differing opinions get in the way. If this were not so, there would be no Tomiki-kai, no Ki no Kenkyukai, nothing, we'd all still be part of the Aikikai. So of course if Tomiki aikido itself gets too big, there will be problems as the tournaments turn into trophy fests, with a bunch of... well, jerks parading their kata and yelling nice and loud, to applause as they finish. Having attended many karate tournaments run by good budoka, you could find a lot of spirit and determination that is found only on the competition floor, however you also find a lot of ego and inflated heads as they show it off like a double jointed wrist to appease their friends and earn the respect of those who know no better, and spend all the training time doing tournament stuff so that they can have shiny external trophies... it's really a mixed bag, some incredibly good aspects and some bad-- but those who want to compete will, though I think defeating myself is worth more than a medal or trophy... but for those who wish to have competition, I say do it with the spirit of Aiki and try to remember what Aikido's all about.



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