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Jappzz wrote:
I detest this americanized tomiki bull and i can only hope that some day people will stop defining budo as something anywhere near a sport.

I recognize that America will eventually lead to the downfall of the free world. Our moral standards are corrupt, we live in sin and we've given the world Britney Spears (but we did not give the world the Pet Shop Boys or Ricky Martin). However, there are at least 2 things, as related to the MA community, that we are not guilty of to the best of my knowledge.

1. We did not create Tomiki Aikido.
2. We did not create the rank system.

We can thank our Japanese friends for both of these innovations.

This was for the sake of those of you not trolling and I paid a terrible price for this. I visited the web sites of all of those mentioned above. Horrible. OK, I'd been to the Britney Spears site before but only once.

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