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Re: Concrete Ukemi

All the above are valid points to consider. Yet all the training we do is to serve us in the real world. And concrete is about as real as you can get in this modern world. I was just watching O-sensei 1-6 vids and saw that his ukes were rolling on rooftop concrete and looked really smooth and fluid. That being said, there is a larger chance in life of falling down than being approached and punched. I absolutely see the need for aikido ukemi for this very reason. And maybe the ultimate test of your ukemi is to roll on a hard surface, harder than what we are accustomed to in the home dojo. I hear dans in seminars complain about the different mat material, comparing it to "theirs". If I sound like Rambo, I am not trying to be, I just wish to illustrate that aikido aids in one becomming more pliable, flexable,fluid, and adaptable in life. So attention whiners, stop whining. the end.
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