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Mark Jakabcsin
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Re: uncooperative, overbearing....

I guess we just read George's post differently. You wrote: "Kaeshiwaza is resistance. Resistance can be hard or soft. It it ....."

George specifically addresses Kaeshiwaza as a positive for students at the approprate level of skill. When I read George's post I felt that when George used the word resistance he meant someone who got stiff & ridged or someone who, knowing the intended technique before hand, foils it simply for their own ego boost.

Folks that look for realism in kata style training where both parties know the exact initial attack and the follow-up are sorely mistaken. I don't believe kata style training was ever intended to be realistic. I believe it was intended as a method to work on detail for a set technique. Uke should supply realistic resistance to advanced students. This doesn't mean uke's goal is to foil tori's technique but to 1) complete his initial attack 2) defend himself when #1 becomes untenable. Randori is for realism.......although I believe a sporting environment generally detracts from the realism. Personally for realism I prefer scenario training.

mark j.
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