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Re: uncooperative, overbearing....

IMHO, there are many levels here, each with their own lesson.

Interpersonally, talk with your Uke an explain what you are trying to do and learn, helps them understand that they are there to help you learn not frustrate your learning. Also, learn to handle some one who offers too much resistance, even though it does initially interfere with learning. Learn to bow and politely not work with people who will not cooperate in a learning situation.

As a Sempai, I have talked with my Kohai and intervened myself by making that Uke my training partner. Often if things are explained by Kohai they are taken much better. Also, as Sempai It is my responsibility to help make the Dojo a safe place where people can learn. Others did it for me.

Talk to Sensei. The instructor needs to know what is going on in their school. They may have suggestions for you as well as direct or indirect general reminders of the role of a good uke as training partner.

My compliments on not letting some one else inter fer with your training.

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