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Re: Concrete Ukemi

I have a sempai who rolls on concrete, and one of these days my stupid pride will require me to learn how....

I'll ask him, but I believe his advice would be to work, on the mat, on getting the rolls very round and smooth. We often stop improving our roundness at the point where the roll stops hurting (on the mat) and that isn't good enough for concrete. Look for points at which there's hard impact. I have a callus on my outer ankle where I slap it on the mat at the end of a forward roll. I'd be sorry right away if I did that on a harder surface, so I could work on improving this bit until I could put my feet down silently.

My head teacher always likes to tell us that his head teacher taught himself to roll on railroad tracks. But I bet they walked to school in the snow, uphill both ways, too.

Mary Kaye
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