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Ai symbol Re: purchasing a katana

Cicada Forge makes an excellent blade. They offer 1086 as well as the new L9 steel which is supposed to be the new wondersteel.
The traditional layered blade is hard to come by and has a lot of inherent problems, maintaining the blade is a big chore, the various types of steels used in a multilayered blade have different oxidation rates and different crystalization rates. While a traditional multilayered (Demascus-type) blade is "pretty", I would have to think long and hard when i could find something that is less problematic. 1086 or L9, or some of the other steels like 1070 seem to be less problematic.(IMHO)
Cicada's blades are clay tempered. Just like the traditional katana blades. Tho at $2500 ++ just for the blade without tsuba or tsuska,or saya. unless you are very serious about practice cutting, you may be better off with something less expensive.
If all you want is something to put on your katana kake, your local martial arts supply house has that sort pf thing by the truckload.
But if you are doing work with live blades; ie cutting competitions- my advice, DON'T GO CHEAP.
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